Danihers Facility Management Identity

Danihers Facility Management Identity

Cleaning up a cleaners logo

Danihers was founded in 1987 by brothers Terry, Anthony and Chris Daniher when they moved to Melbourne from the family farm in New South Wales to play football. Twenty five years later, Danihers has evolved from window cleaning to an integrated facility management business committed to environmental sustainability.

I rebranded the Danihers Facility Management Identity to leverage the well-known Danihers name, while reflecting its expanded focus on facility management. I created a flexible brandmark with supporting visual language, primary and secondary colour palette, and fact-based graphic elements.

As part of the rebrand I also designed and delivered a full range of marketing collateral including hero brochure, website, stationery and suite of user-friendly branded electronic templates.

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Creating multi-purpose sales tools for growth
Danihers Facility Management Identity – Folded A3 Poster to make an A4 brochure
A series of cleaning and maintenance illustrations were adopted to compliment the new Danihers brandmark. These icons helped breathe life into stationery items and sales tools like this A3 posters which also folds down into a neat little A4 brochure booklet.

Being creative and playful with this format helps bring an interactive element to marketing material while conveying useful facts through the use of infographics that help promote the importance of a clean workspace.

Front of unfolded A3 poster - Danihers Facility Management Identity
Inside of unfolded A3 poster – Danihers Facility Management Identity
Danihers Facility Management Identity and Website Design

The Danihers website was given a clean up with new brand elements applied site wide. This included incorporating the service illustrations as background elements as well as logo application for the site header. Banner sliders were also designed to be used throughout the website.

Presentation Slides

I designed PowerPoint section dividers that use a secondary colour palette. These purposely designed colours were used to differentiate between service offerings for an added visual structure.

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