Yarra Capital Partners Company Overview

Yarra Capital Partners

Company Overview Brochure Design
Yarra Capital Partners are a Melbourne based private equity firm specialising in growing small to medium sized businesses. A new brochure design was needed to reflect their personal, family oriented approach to capital investment.

Working with Blaze Solutions Group, I helped design this beautiful company overview that used images from Melbourne photographer Lynton Crabb.

Existing logo elements were used to extend the brand image and custom patterns created to tie each spread together.

From print to web

Applying a consistent look

More than a Company Overview

The brochure was produced using full colour offset printing on premium paper that complimented the brochures exclusivity.

A website was later designed that used design elements from the printed brochure to strengthen brand communication.

Yarra Capital Partners Company Overview Website

Friedo uniquely combines true creativity with a structured and considered approach to graphic communications solutions.

He’s a big picture creative with strong attention to detail, and able to effectively and efficiently transform brand and marketing strategies into wonderful tangible designs that delight and excite clients.

Samantha Fredericks

Brand, Marketing and Business Professional, Blaze Solutions Group

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