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Nunawading Orcas

Swimming Club Identity Design
The Nunawading Orcas are a Masters Swimming club founded in 1994. In recent years new membership had been waining and the need to promote the club became critical to support the clubs long term viability.
A new swimming club identity design was implemented to promote a sense of club pride for existing members as well as appeal to new members.
The average age of a masters swimmer is between 40 to 44 years old and can range between 18 to over 80 years of age, any new design proposed would need to appeal to this broad demographic.
Nunawading Orcas swimming club identity design - website

Website and social media

A new website was designed as part of the identity redevelopment and a more sophisticated colour palette was developed to appeal to its target market. I also helped integrate social media like Twitter and Facebook into their website to increase the clubs reach as well as introduce an email newsletter to improve communication to members.

Lane signage

As part of an ongoing program to attract new members new lane signage was designed. The side facing the pool notified swimmers that training was in progress and new members welcome to join. On the ‘dry’ side the message provided benefits of joining a squad and promoted a free trial as well as the club’s website.

Nunawading Orcas swimming club identity design - lane signage
Nunawading Orcas swimming club identity design - club uniform

Club uniform

A new club t-shirt was designed that could be worn at club competition or training. A light weight fabric was selected and printed with the shape of an orcas white belly on the front with the logo reversed out. The sleeve also carried the club name.

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